Capstone project

Create and compile an R Markdown report:

  1. Load the ADNIMERGE.csv data. Use inline R code to print the number of observations and variables in the original dataset.

  2. Create boxplots of hippocampus volume by APOE4 status. (Hint: start with using dplyr to create an approporiate dataset and drop out NAs. Make sure that APOE4 is a factor). What do you see?

  3. Create a histogram of TAU_mod from each patient’s last visit. Set the number of bins to 50. What do you see?

  4. Create a scatterplot of mean TAU_mod vs Age by APOE4 Status and Gender. Use different colors for APOE4 status, and put gender in different panels.

  5. Create a line plot of the counts of individuals with APOE4 == 2 (individual has 2 alleles) plots over age. (Hint: you may need to filter().)

  6. Create a table with counts of APOE4 Status for Individuals Aged [70-75).