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Geospatial Workshop Overview: Workshop data

Geospatial Data Carpentry Workshop Data Subset

Available on FigShare: Geospatial Data Carpentry Workshop Data Subset.

CITATION: Data Skills Teaching Data Subsets, NEON; Wasser, Leah; Jones, Megan A. (2016): NEON Spatio-temporal Teaching Data Subset. figshare. Fileset.

Please note that the data provided here are a subset of the original Data Skills Teaching Data Subsets created by NEON, Leah Wasser, and Megan Jones. The original teaching data subset can be downloaded from the link provided in the citation.

The data and lessons in this workshop were originally developed through a hackathon funded by the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) - an NSF funded observatory in Boulder, Colorado - in collaboration with Data Carpentry, SESYNC and CYVERSE. NEON is collecting data for 30 years to help scientists understand how our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are changing. The data used in these lessons cover two NEON field sites:

The data for this workshop are available on Figshare under a CC-BY license. This is a reduced subset of the original data publication by Wasser and Jones (2016). You can download all of the data used in this workshop by clicking this download link.

Clicking the download link will download all of the files as a single compressed (.zip) file. To expand this file, double click the folder icon in your file navigator application (for Macs, this is the Finder application).

These data files represent teaching version of the data, with sufficient complexity to teach many aspects of data analysis and management, but with many complexities removed to allow students to focus on the core ideas and skills being taught.

Dataset Folder or file name Description
Site layout shapefiles “vector” folder A set of shapefiles for the NEON’s Harvard Forest field site and US and (some) state boundary layers.
Airborne remote sensing data “raster” folder LiDAR data collected by the NEON Airborne Observation Platform (AOP) and processed at NEON including a canopy height model, digital elevation model and digital surface model for NEON’s Harvard Forest and San Joaquin Experimental Range field sites.
Point locations of field plots .csv files Two files that contain geographic coordinates of plot locations in the Harvard Forest field sites

About the Site Layout Shapefiles

These vector data provide information on the site characterization and infrastructure at the National Ecological Observatory Network’s Harvard Forest field site. The Harvard Forest shapefiles are from the Harvard Forest GIS & Map archives. US Country and State Boundary layers are from the US Census Bureau.

About the Airborne Remote Sensing Data

This data was collected at the National Ecological Observatory Network’s Harvard Forest and San Joaquin Experimental Range field sites.

Data are collected during peak greenness at each field site and are processed to provide useful data products to the community. The following NEON data products are used in these lessons:

Data Created from Discrete Return (point clouds) Lidar Data:

Additional information about airborne remote sensing data, including other data types for these and other sites can be found on NEON’s Airborne Data page.