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Geospatial Data Carpentry Capstone

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00:00 1. Introduction Key question (FIXME)
00:00 2. Day 1: Introduction to Geospatial Concepts What format should I use to represent my data?
What are the main data types used for representing geospatial data?
What are the main attributes of raster and vector data?
00:00 3. Day 2: Introduction to Raster Data What are the coordinate reference systems for your rasters and are they the same?
00:05 4. Day 3: Introduction to Raster Data What is the average of the minimum and maximum values of your raster and what patterns do you observe?
00:08 5. Day 4: Exploring Vector Data Are two datasets from two different sources suitable to be plotted together?
What spatial patterns can we see by visual analysis?
What are some plotting options to impact the way data are visualized?
00:15 6. Day 5: Manipulating Raster Data How can I summarize raster data based on vector locations
00:15 7. Wrap-up Key question (FIXME)
00:15 Finish

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